I'm passionate about sharing my journey to inspire and motivate others. With ten years of running experience, including more than 15 marathons (5:38-3:42), running has forever changed my life.

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Jayme is a NAASFP certified run coach. She works with athletes from around the globe for distances ranging from the 5K to the marathon. As an athlete, you will receive an individualized training plan to align with your training and racing goals. Whether it’s your first 10K or 10th marathon, Jayme works with athletes to achieve their running goals! Interested in coaching? Click here.



I reached out to Jayme after reading her moving blog. Her story resonated with me. Jayme is a fantastic coach, support system and inspiration. Her dedication to the sport is outstanding. I would highly recommend working with Jayme if you are looking to push and challenge yourself. I especially enjoyed out weekday morning days, strategizing and talking about the upcoming week of training. Jayme is simply amazing
She is down to earth, friendly and relatable. She knows her stuff and doesn’t joke around when it comes to the workouts. She is always available when you have a question, and super supportive throughout any struggles/challenges.
Before reaching out to Jayme I was a regular recreational runner. I had run a handful of half marathons and a couple fulls, always winding up in the middle of the pack. My training regime consisted of a patchwork process of Googling various free training programs on-line and throwing them together into something that fit my busy schedule. After trying and stopping short of finishing a sub 2hr half marathon, I decided to get an online coach to give me an extra push. Jayme immediately made herself available to talk strategy. She was committed to have me realize my goal of reaching a new PR. She worked closely with me every step of the way. From designing a realistic training schedule that integrated all my needed runs with various work and social commitments, to just being a friendly ear to guide me through those inevitable “off” runs. I would recommend her time and time again.
No matter how fast or slow you run, Jayme works with you from where you’re at and builds a customized plan for you tailored to your fitness level and goals - a plan that pushes you to reach new running milestones but one that is also flexible and changes when life throws you curve balls (or beach vacations). I loved being able to send a quick text when feeling stuck or unsure when to push through a workout and when to take some extra rest. Jayme was incredible in giving me helpful advice and warm encouragement when I had worries about my running or race readiness. In running, Jayme has helped me take a courageous step out of the familiar and into possibility.