Training & life update: August 10

I'm back in Ottawa after a relaxing weekend in Niagara. We drove to my parents place on Friday and came back Monday.  It was a jam-packed weekend. We went to a football game in Hamilton on Saturday and to a show at the Shaw Festival on Sunday. It was also my Dad's birthday (HBD Dad!). I've had a sore throat since early last week (ugh), but managed to ignore it for most of the weekend.

Training last week was a bit of a peak. I've been training with Lindsey from Out for a Run Training (I will dedicate a future post to running with a coach) and had a few key workouts set out for the week before my first REST week since beginning my Hamilon Road2Hope marathon training, 11 weeks ago.

Week 11

Monday: Planned - 17km easy pace, with some strides*

Actual - (1) 6:06 (2) 5:50 (3) 5:37 (4) 5:44(5) 5:34* (6) 5:51 (7) 5:39 (8) 5:51 (9) 5:47 (10) 5:37* (11) 5:29 (12) 5:28* (13) 5:45 (14) 5:39 (15) 5:48 (16) 5:16* (17) 5:31

This was the longest weekday distance I've done so far in this training cycle. I got up pretty early to fit it in. I decided on my normal route along Sussex and then in and around the New Edinburgh neighbourhood. Love that route.

Tuesday: Planned - Active Rest.

Actual - Full rest day. I woke up with a niggle of a sore throat. Trying to listen to my body (something I'm not particularly strong at) and get some rest.

Wednesday: Planned - 12km with warm up (w/u) and cool down (c/d)  starting at marathon goal pace (GP) down to 5k GP.

Actual - (1) 5:27 - w/u (2) 5:23 - w/u (3) 5:20 - w/u (4) 5:25 - w/u (5) 5:34 - w/u (6) 4:55 - marathon (7) 4:54 - marathon (8.2) 4:58 - marathon (9.2) 4:35 - half (9.8) 4.38 - half (10.6) 4:29 - 10k (11) 4:23 - 5k (11.2) 4:17 - all out (12) 6:15 - c/d

Overall felt pretty good. Mentally felt ready for this workout.

Thursday:  Planned - 10km recovery

Actual - (1) 6:06 (2) 5:51(3) 5:54 (4) 5:52 (5) 5:48 (6) 5:55 (7) 5:49 (8) 5:37 (9) 5:22 (10) 5:40

Woke up feeling a little off but felt I could manage a run with no issues. Decided to run along the river in Gatineau. I don't run this route enough. Beautiful views in the morning.


Friday: Planned - Rest day

Actual - Rest day. Woke up with a sore throat and ear ache. Spend the day in the car en route to Niagara for the weekend at my parents. Neck feeling off in the car.

Saturday: Planned - 33km with last ten at marathon GP

Actual - Woke up feeling a little less than 100%. Sore throat and stiff neck, but still wanting to cover a bit of distance. First time in the training cycle that I seriously considered not not completing a workout.

After a cup of coffee, felt a bit better. Filled up two handhelds and hit the road. Managed to get in 28km @5:53 in hot a humid weather. Certainly not a great run, but I'm comfortable with that. I've had some good long runs in the past few weeks, so I looked at this more of a maintenance run.

Also, if you haven't run in Niagara before, trust me when I say it has some of the most beautiful routes around. My run started alongside a number of vineyards and then onto the pathway that runs along the Niagara river.

This was my first run trying Hammer gels! I really liked them. They tasted natural-ish and the consistency was a bit thicker than GUs. I usually stick to GUs but I've run into some stomach issues in the recent past, so I decided to switch it up. My coach also had suggested Hammer gels.


Sunday: Planned - Rest

Actual - Rest

Still nursing this sore throat! Argh. Hoping it's gone soon.