The perfect shoe?

I've been wearing Hoka One One Cliftons for about a year. I remember particularly going to the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon Expo with the intent on buying the shoe. I tried them on. Sold. I had previously struggled with plantar fasciitis and had read that the Hoka One One shoes were great for that issue. After a solid training cycle in Cliftons, with very minimal foot pain, I like to think I've found my shoe. IMG_6244The history of Hoka One One is rooted in the ultra running community. The original design, the Mafate, came about when ultra marathoners wanted a shoe that was light enough for ultra marathoning, but well-cushioned enough to pick up speed on descents without beating up on the quads. I can attest that the shoes are light. It's funny when people pick them up, expecting some clunky heavy shoe only to discover they are very lightweight.

Now, I realize Hoka One One shoes are not from everyone. I mean, they are definitely not your standard shoe. Over four years ago, I remember seeing the shoes for the first time. I was in Paris and I was out running with a run club through the Bois de Boulonge. I spotted them on one of the club leaders and thought, what the heck? The guy wearing them was somewhat of an elite athlete and spoke very highly of them, but I had my doubts (as if I was in a position to doubt him!).

After multiple pairs of Cliftons and experiencing the benefits of the cushioned shoe first hand, I consider myself as more of a seasoned Hoka One One fan.  With that in mind, this past weekend I decided to dabble in some of their MAX cushion models. I've been upping my mileage, so the extra cushion is welcomed. I also find that my Cliftons seem to wear out quicker than I'd like. Particularly, I found this during the winter when the roads were very salty.

IMG_0732I decided to go with the Bondi 3 model. There is a Bondi 4 available now, but unfortunately not yet in Canada. The Bondi is about 3.5 oz heavier than the Clifton, and makes up for that weight in plushness. I now consider my Clifton's my racing flats, and shoe for speed work, and my Bondis my shoe for recovery and long-distance training runs.

IMG_0730Gotta love a new pair of sneaks!