Training & life update: August 24

After being under the weather, I was focused on making this a solid training week. I wasn't sure how things were going to go after last week including a trip to the doctor, and runs that were the definition of a slog. Thankfully, I was able to turn things around and completed my workouts as planned. Week 13

Monday: Planned - 17k easy, with strides

Actual - 17@5:46 with strides in last 6 km. I woke up at dark-o-thirty and ran along my favourite route. The sun was just starting to come up when I was heading back.


Tuesday: Planned - Active rest

Actual - No real activity. Instead, I went for my first massage in over two years. Why I don't do this more is beyond me. The massage therapist noted how tight my IT band was. She suggested I do yoga (doesn't everyone?), but knowing me, this realistically isn't going to happen. I suppose I could make an effort to stretch more. Sigh.

Wednesday: Planned - 12k with 8k at 5:00/km

Actual - (1) 5:57 (2) 5:26 (3) 5:31 (4) 4:51* (5) 4:53* (6) 4:50* (7) 4:48* (8) 4:59* (9) 4:57* (10) 5:00* (11) 4:51* (12) 6:43. I find I need more time to warm up, so my cool down was only 1 km.

I was mentally prepared for this run, so I was pleased with how it turned out. I've been focusing on the mental side of things during this training cycle. I find one of the biggest obstacles I face during the marathon is my mind getting the best of me. This book is excellent for that sort of thing. It's true, under pressure you can perform fifteen percent better or worse.

Thursday: Planned - 10km recovery

Actual - 10@6:11. Cooler morning, with a hint of fall in the air. Legs felt a bit heavy, so I tuned out to Rich Roll's podcast and didn't worry about paces.

Friday: Planned - Rest

Actual - Rest, with an evening walk to get froyo.

Saturday: Planned - 30km with 10k@5:10

Actual - 30@5:35 with (16) 5:11* (17) 5:08* (18) 4:54* (19) 5:07* (20) 5:05* (21) 5:10* (22) 5:03* (23) 5:07* (24) 5:10* (25) 5:04*. I stopped for water a few times and went to the washroom at Rideau Hall. I also saw a fox (!) but didn't have my iPhone with me.

Kilometres 24 and 25 were TOUGH. It was hot & humid and my mind was in a darker place. It took A LOT not to back off of the 5:10 pace (I considered this multiple times). Kilometres 26-30 were in the 6:00-6:10 range. At that point my mind was turned off. I was focused and getting 'er done. I repeated to myself: Keep going.

After cooling down, I decided to take an epsom salt bath. There really is some merit to that.

Sunday: Planned - Rest

Actual - REST.

Week 13 also brings me to the end of August. Whoa. September already :)