Note to self

I went out earlier this week for an easy 10km. It was Labour Day, so I left the house later than usual. This meant the temperatures were around 32ºC. I took it slow to start, but I could tell from the moment I left it was going to be a tough run. There was no breeze, so I could physically feel a blanket of heat wrapped around me. For a split second, I wished it wasn't so hot. Wait. I take it back! For those of you not familiar with Canadian winters, we spend the better part of the year running in multi-layers of clothing or on the treadmill. Most of my runs from December to March are either looking out a window, or working the first 5kms to warm up and dethaw my toes (which freeze as soon as I step outside). I wish I was being dramatic.


On my run this morning, drenched through my shirt as if it had just rain, I reminded myself that I wish for THIS 3/4 of the year. So, here's my note to self: enjoy the moment you're in.

I've been focusing on savouring these last days of summer. I've been appreciating the heat, because I know how good it will feel on race day with the cooler temperatures.


In the countdown to Army Run (10 days!), here are some interesting reads I thought I'd share:

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