Training & life update: August 31

Week 14 of my 22 week Hamilton Marathon training plan has come and gone. I reached 75km for the week, with a round of Yasso 800s mid-week, and long slow distance this weekend. With the Army Run half marathon two weeks away, I've really been listening to my body and making adjustments where needed. Week 14

Monday: Planned - 15km easy with strides

Actual - 15@5:42 with strides in last 6km. This is the way all Mondays should begin.


Tuesday: Planned - Rest

Actual - REST

Wednesday: Planned - 12km with 8x800m @3:32 (time per interval) with jogs in between.

Actual - 12@5:28 with 8x800m intervals: (1) 3:25 (2) 3:20 (3) 3:25 (4) 3:28 (5) 3:32 (6) 3:35 (7) 3:37 (8) 3:48

The theory behind the Yasso 800s is that your time in minutes and seconds for a workout of 10x800m (two laps of a 400m track) with equal recovery time is the same as the hours and minutes of your marathon time.

Ideally, this workout would have been done on a track, but unfortunately there's not one in downtown Ottawa. I've discovered a 360m gravel "path" (to call this a track is a stretch) at one of the local high schools, but it would take me 10km to get there and back. Meh. I decided to run along the canal instead. The canal pathway is flat and paved, and is in fairly good condition.

In terms of the workout, I warmed up and cooled down on my way to and from the canal (about 2km). The intervals went well. I started a bit to quick, which made my last two intervals TOUGH. The last one was also on my way back home, and I got stopped at a stop light in the last 200m. The STOP and GO was not ideal. I have so much respect for track athletes who are able to pick it up as soon as the gun goes off!

Thursday: Planned - 15km recovery

Actual - 15@5:55

This was truly a beautiful morning. I ran by Rideau Hall and saw the fog rolling over the lawn. The sun came up near my 7.5km turn around, right along the Ottawa River.



Friday: Planned - Rest

Actual - REST. During the day, I ate lots of good carbs in prep for Saturday's long run. In bed early.

Saturday: Planned - 33km easy

Actual - (1) 6:17 (2) 5:53 (3) 5:55(4) 5:51 (5) 5:58 (6) 5:57 (7) 6:01 (8) 6:03 (9) 6:06 (10) 5:52 (11) 5:56 (12) 5:50 (13) 5:47 (14) 5:39 (15) 5:56 (16) 5:57 (17) 5:49 (18) 6:10 (19) 5:25 (20) 6:07 (21) 5:50 (22) 5:48 (23) 6:00 (24) 5:57 (25) 5:59 (26) 5:52 (27) 6:03 (28) 5:47 (29) 6:01 (30) 5:52 (31) 6:05 (32) 5:50 (33) 5:45

No complaints. After last week's tough long run, I went out this week with the goal of enjoying the distance and keeping it EASY. I left the house around 7:00am and ran the Ottawa Marathon/Army Run route. I started along the Rideau canal, over to Westboro, into Quebec, back over to New Edinburgh, then home.

I listened to the Rich Roll podcast interview of Matt Long for the first 14 km. I usually only listen to music, but I've been loving a few podcasts lately and find they help pass the time. With that said, the switch to music around 15km gave me a good boost.

In terms of fuelling, I had two hammer gels with oatmeal before I left. I stopped at Bridgehead around 13 km to fill up my handheld.



Sunday: Planned - Rest

Actual - REST. Rolling and icing.

Hope you're having a great long weekend!