Training & life update: September 16

I sit here writing this post a few hours after completing the Army Run Half Marathon. It was truly a great day for a race! My time was 1:44:09. Not my A or B goal time, but I'm happy. I will write a proper race recap, but first, here's an update on Week 16 of my Hamilton Marathon training. For those of you just joining, I used the Army Run as a tune-up race as I head into the final 6 weeks of training for the Hamilton Road 2 Hope Marathon in November. 

Week 16

Monday: Planned - 15km easy with strides

Actual - 15 @ 5:36 with strides in last 6km. Beautiful run along the canal. Lots of runners out in preparation for the Army Run on Sunday.

Tuesday: Planned - 10km tempo with 6km @ 4:45*

Actual - 10 @ 5:11 - (1) 6:08 (2) 5:47 (3) 5:38 (4) 4:45* (5) 4:37* (6) 4:42* (7) 4:38* (8) 4:42* (9) 4:30* (10) 6:21. Going into this run, I wasn't sure how it would go. After a few tempo kms, I felt confident in hitting these paces. I will remember workouts like these when I'm hurting in the marathon. 

Wednesday: Planned - 8km easy with strides

Actual - 8 @ 5:42 with strides in last 5km. My go-to 8km route takes me exactly to 24 Sussex (the residence of our Prime Minister) and back.


Thursday: Planned - 5km easy

Actual - 5km @ 6:02

Friday: Planned - REST

Actual - Rest. I walked over to the Army Run expo at lunch to pick up my race kit. It definitely got me excited for Sunday!


Saturday: Planned - 20 minute shake out

Actual - 3.15 @ 6:21. I got up early and did my shake out run and then proceeded to put my legs up c h i l l out the rest of the day. I had some company for that :)


Sunday: Planned - Army Run Half Marathon - 21.1km

Actual - 21.1km @ 4:56. Race recap to come!

Total: 62.25km