Training & life update: September 7

Regular routines. They are important. As a creature of habit, I appreciate the beginning of September. The school buses back on the road, the summer holidays coming to the end, people getting back into the groove of things. While I enjoy the slower pace of summer, I view September as a time to refocus the mind and reaffirm what I'm working towards. This was week 15 of my Hamilton Marathon training. One week from today I will be running the Army Run half marathon. It seems like just yesterday I was starting this training cycle, with my total weekly mileage less than some of my current long runs.

Week 15

Monday {Labour Day}: Planned - 10km easy with strides

Actual - 10@5:56 with strides. I started this run later in the day. 32ºC temperatures. Legs felt heavy. Took a bit to pick it up.

Tuesday: Planned - Active rest

Actual - Rest during the day. Jillian Michaels 30 min video in PM. You know you're not doing enough strength training if a 30 min workout leaves you sore.

Wednesday: Planned - 15km + HILL INTERVALS

Actual - 15km@6:19 + 10 x Hill intervals

This was one of the hardest workouts I've done all training cycle. My legs felt like jello after the third interval. This was one heck of a hill.


Thursday: Planned - 10km easy with strides

Actual - 10@6:14 with 6x100m strides. Took it very easy. Legs were feeling HEAVY. Managed to pick it up in last three kilometres for some strides.


Friday: Planned - Rest

Actual - REST

Saturday: Planned - 27km easy

Actual - 27@5:51 on the treadmill. It's been a while since I've stayed inside. I woke up on Saturday to the sound of torrential rain and cooler temperatures. With just getting over being sick, and the Army Run next week, I decided to take it to the 'mill. Listened to Rich Roll for the first 13 km then turned to music.

It's always a bit of a gamble doing a long run on the treadmill. I live in a building with one machine, which means I'm a total treadmill hog. Luckily, I get down there pretty early so there's usually not very many people coming in. Sorry neighbours.

FullSizeRender-1 2

In the afternoon, we walked downtown and I got my long time favourite: a Bridgehead Fruit & Seed Bar. I've been eating these things for years. They are very filling and make for a great snack post-long run.


Sunday: Planned - 10km easy

Actual - 10@5:44. Rain! Stuck to the 'mill.

Total: 72km