One month to go

My countdown app alerted me that it's one month until the Hamilton Marathon. October snuck up on me. I'm in the middle of peak training right now, and couldn't be more pleased that fall weather is upon us. Runs that used to be incredibly heavy and hard in the thick summer humidity, feel a bit easier. Or maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit, and I've become more fitter. I've been getting out the door around 5:30 am these days to get my run in before work. Life has become a tiny more busy since September hit. So, when things become busier, I find it even more important to get my morning run in. While training for the Hamilton marathon is my priority, these runs are more about clearing my head and having a good start to the day.

For the past two mornings, I've ran 15km along the Rideau Canal. There were many runners out there, which made me smile. I like to imagine some of these runners are training for Fall marathons. Heading to places like Chicago and NYC  to run 42.2km.

My mind wanders when I run. Running is my way of working through things. When things are good or bad, I always have a clearer head after I get back. Many times though, my thoughts are not profound. For instance, yesterday I spent some time thinking about how many trees were already turning colour. I thought about work. family. weekend plans.

As I head into the final weeks of training, I am constantly reminded how much I've gained from this sport. Regardless of the outcome one month from now, I'm pleased with the distance I've covered since June.