Pre-race thoughts {Hamilton Marathon 2015}

It’s here! It’s really here. After 22 weeks of training, we are less than two days out from the Hamilton Marathon. I am writing this post with a huge smile on my face. I’ve had a terrific training cycle. Whatever the outcome on Sunday, I will know that I gave it my all and have grown enormously in the past five months. This past week I've been reflecting lots on how this training cycle went down.

The Numbers

1316.6 - kilometres run since June

149 - songs on my iPod shuffle

84 - kilometres run in peak week

35 - kilometres run in longest run

30 - temperature during my hottest long run

5 - Hammer gels I will have with me on Race Day

3 - pairs of Hoka One Ones worn in training

2 - half marathons run since June

.2 - a big reason why I run 42.2

I’m writing this post on the plane from Ottawa to Toronto. My mom will be meeting me at the airport and we’ll head to Confederation Park in Hamilton to pick up my race kit. I’m excited, but a bit nervous. The thing is, this will be my 12th marathon, and my second Hamilton Marathon (I finished in 4:04 in 2012). It’s not a question if I can do this. I KNOW I CAN. It’s knowing that anything can happen on race day and I need to be ready for that.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1

I’ve had many great workouts in the past few months, with some key milestones hit in the last few weeks. I know that I’m ready for a 3:4x. I look back at what went wrong in previous races (not that dwelling on the past is overly helpful), but I can identify some things I did wrong. This past training cycle, I have done everything possible to address my weaknesses and prepare myself for a successful race. With that said, I couldn’t have done this alone.


My goals for this race are simple. A) 3:4x. B) sub-3:59 / PB. C) Finish. Of course I will be disappointed if I don’t get my A goal, but I won’t take finishing a marathon for granted. Regardless of the result, this will be my 12th marathon. Each one meaningful in its own way.

I wanted to quit because I was suffering. That is not a good enough reason.