keep showing up

The past three weeks have been low-mileage weeks. It's given me a chance to relax, run and workout when I feel like it. All in all, I've enjoyed it. The sleep-ins, the no-plan plan approach to training, and relaxed outlook on my day-to-day. If I got a run in, great. If not, no biggie. It's also given me a chance to go out and enjoy life stress-free. Not that marathon training holds me back, but if I had a 30k run the next day, I was less inclined to stay out late, etc. Take this weekend, for example. We attended our first Christmas party of the season! This may or may not have ended with late night nacho making. Live a little, right.  FullSizeRender

With that said, I'm a creature of habit. I love my routines and I love working towards something. I think that's why I love marathon training so much. You give me a plan, I follow it. I set a goal, and I take action to achieve said goal. That's why I've started to take my "off-season" training a bit more seriously. My coach wants me to build up to 50-55k in December. Two weeks ago I totalled 13k. Yep. A big 13k. Last week, still without any kind of plan, I managed to fit in 40k for the week. I also ran my longest run since the Hamilton Marathon - 10k.


I was griping to my Mom the other day that I felt blah about running. She told me I needed a good long run. She was right. The next day I went and got that 10km in and, while 10k is normally nothing for me, it felt great. I needed to feel that sweat (a reason why I decided to go to the gym and not run it outside). On my walk to the gym, I thought to myself, either you run the day, or the day RUNS YOU. Get it done.


I've decided I need a bit of structure to the next month and a bit before beginning *real* training for the Ottawa Marathon. I've laid out a base-training plan for myself that will progress to 55 km in the last two weeks of December, with some added strength training. As I mentioned, I'm aiming to incorporate strength into this round of marathon training. You know what they say, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.

On that note, I'll leave you with my go to pump up jam. M83- Midnight City. Going on 4 years with this tune. Never fails.

What's your favourite running song? My iPod is always looking for new beats.

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