After running the Hamilton Marathon, this past week has been all about sleeping in. staying up late. having a glass of wine, or three. and cupcakes. It is, after all, my 30th birthday tomorrow. Before I launch into how much I am loving not training for anything right now, I wanted to pause and reflect (milestones have a way of doing that to you). This past year has been awesome on so many levels. I got engaged to my best friend. I changed jobs. I ran two marathons (one being a disaster and the other being a PR). We adopted our cat, Saxby. We travelled (D.C., South Carolina, Nova Scotia). And we have begun to plan our wedding. I am truly blessed and grateful for everyone and everything in my life. Cheese alert, I know. But it's true.

When I was younger, I looked forward to turning 30. I looked forward to that settled feeling that I assumed one grows into by the time this milestone rolls around. Recognizing now I still have lots to figure out, I smile with where I am at. I am very fulfilled.

I'll leave you with some photos from this weekend. Suffice to say, it will be favourite for some time. From a baby shower and a surprise visit from D.C., to my family and closest friends taking me out to my favourite restaurant. I'm ringing 30 in with a full heart.




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