Christmas in Montreal

It's hard to believe Christmas has come and gone. We travelled to Montreal on Christmas Eve, and celebrated Christmas at my sister and brother-in-law's new home. It was perfect. Even though this is the first Christmas not at my parent's place, everyone (including the two dogs and cat) was able to make it here. The cat has surprisingly settled in well, considering the 100 pound golden doodle wondering around. IMG_3268



Christmas morning was magical, as always. Everyone sat around in their new pyjamas, opening gifts, while eating Montreal bagels. I was SO excited to open my new Garmin Forerunner 230. I've had my Forerunner 610 for exactly three years (I bought it on Boxing Day in 2012). It's definitely been a great watch (minus the strap having to be replaced), but it was nearing its retirement date. I'm excited to train with the 230! I'll be posting my runs on Strava.

I'm also thrilled to see it has an "indoor run" function, which allows pace tracking on the treadmill. While I plan to get most runs outside this year, let's be honest, there will be days that the mill is my only choice. There's also an activity tracker built in, something I've never paid much attention too.


My running during this busy holiday season has been following a "do what you can" no-stress plan. I've done a few longer runs and have kept my weekday runs semi-consistent. Although, I'll admit there've been a few days where I opted for sleeping-in. I think my body/mind know that this is the last break before I start training for the Ottawa Marathon in the new year.

I've also run a few times with Run Ottawa. As someone who regularly runs alone, it's been nice to meet new runners in the city. I'm excited knowing there's some long-run partners close by! The group meets on Wednesday's at 6 am or pm for 6km. The Wednesday before Christmas we met at City Hall and ran along the canal. People, I was in shorts. SHORTS!!



Today, we are flying to Halifax for Christmas Part II. We'll be in Nova Scotia until the New Year! Let the holiday celebrations continue :) I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!