Team Awesome 2016

RO_OM_16_Team-Awesome_Red-1-280x170 I'm thrilled to announce I've been selected to be a part of Team Awesome for Ottawa Race Weekend 2016! After the launch of Team Awesome in 2015, and seeing the passion and support the group brought to the race weekend last year, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. You can find my Team Awesome profile here and you can register for all race distances here. On social media, you can connect with the race using #RunOttawa2016.

Team Awesome is a group of enthusiastic runners who are participating in the 2016 Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and want to share updates about their training and race weekend information, as well as support other runners along the way.

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As for my Ottawa Race Weekend plans, I'll be running the Ottawa Marathon and will be aiming for a PB in May (-3:57). I'll begin formally training in January; for now, I'm working on strength training and maintaining my base.

I plan to write a post next week regarding my base building progress. For a spring marathon, most of us will get down to business come January-February (depending on the race date). That means December-January is a great time to be laying the ground work before the real fun begins.

For those of you new to The Pacing Life, so happy you stopped by! I'd love to connect. You can find me on Twitter here and Instagram here. Say hi!

Are you training for a spring race? If so, which one?