Slow and steady

Sometimes I get worked up over paces. Am I going too slow? too fast? When I see my pace range for a run, do I aim to be on the low end of that range? This week I focused simply on running "easy". In Week II of Ottawa Marathon training, the name of the game is base building. No stress. I wear my watch, but barely glance at it during my runs. My Garmin has an activity tracker on it, so the overachiever in me wears it to meet exceed my step goals.


It's been pretty sloppy here, weather wise. This means I've been on the treadmill a bit more than I'd like. When I'm outside, I have to take extra care with my footing (beware of ice and slippery snow). Saturday's long run had me re-routing in a few places to avoid snow drifts and pathways that haven't been plowed for what seemed like weeks. 20km @ 6:05. Got 'er done.


Today will be Day 17 of my Run Streak. I've run every day since January 1st. Frankly, I could probably use a rest day. I've been battling a sinus cold, and know my body needs to be recharged. I'll see if I get down there today. Looking ahead, realistically with marathon training, I don't see myself chasing a 40-year streak. One day I may pursue more lofty streak goals, but this year my priority is PBs. To achieve that means being smart about my training and my rest days.

Have you done a run streak?