Weekend routines

Over the years, I've perfected my weekly training schtick.  I run early in the morning on weekdays, with Friday's being a rest day (although I ran 2km today for my Run Streak), and Saturday's I run long. Right now, I'm sitting here with G and Saxby watching tv and updating my iPod for tomorrow's run.  I will wake up early tomorrow, have my coffee and be off.  I usually start my long runs with a podcast episode, and switch to my music halfway through.

I look forward to Saturday all week.  This is my time.  While I consider myself a morning person as it is, I am able to get up early on Saturdays (despite not having the time crunch of getting to work) and be out the door before 7:00am.  A change from when I first started running distance.  I would stress all week and dread the long runs.  Not knowing how they would go, or uncertain if I would have the motivation to get out the door in -20ºC.


I have 23km on tap for tomorrow. I'm thinking I will travel 11.5 kms along the Rideau Canal, towards Westboro, and then turn around. Some people prefer long loop routes, but I love the out and back (see more about my favourite route in this article for the Ottawa Marathon!). Call it the A-type in me, but I like knowing that I've completed exactly half of the run before turning back.

On Wednesday, I ran with my run club for 6km @ 6 am along the Rideau Canal.  I was thrilled to see how well it was plowed! Sure sign that the city will be opening up the Canal shortly to skaters. Normally, there's thousands (yes, thousands!) of people already skating along there. Given our mild December, the ice has taken a bit longer to freeze.



For dinner tonight, I had my usual pre-long run sweet potato, a big salad, with tofu, and cauliflower rice. Obviously humus and avocado were in the mix. I probably could have substituted the tofu for something better (chicken?) and also know this is a bit too much fibre before a long run. With that said, it's only 23 kms and I felt like nourishing my body with REAL food (more on that later). I also try to eat a bit more before long runs. Over the years, I've encountered my fair share of low-blood sugar issues in the first few kms of a 20+km run. Ain't nobody got time for that!


After tomorrow's run, I'll have my go-to gluten free Bob's Red Mill pancakes. A marathon training staple! G and I both have a bit of work to do in the afternoon, but have planned to go to the movies in the evening. I will try to convince him to eat dinner at the Whole Foods salad bar :)