Half way


This past week marked week 11 of my Ottawa Marathon training. That means, we're more than half way there. 57 per cent, to be exact. With 10 weeks to go (!), I'm feel like all I'm doing right now is run. eat. (work). sleep. I hit my highest mileage week last week, with 89 kilometres. There was a good mix of  easy, moderate, and hard effort runs. I'll be honest, my legs felt like lead during my long run on Saturday. This was disappointing, but not overly surprising.



Taking a look back on my training logs, I see that I'm running a bit more now than I was in Hamilton Marathon training. I also see that my legs felt like lead around Week 10 and 11 back then too (end of August 2015). This is the point in the plan where training really feels like a grind, but it's oh so important to keep going.


It's easy to feel fired up at the beginning of the marathon training cycle, when you're feeling fresh. It's also easy to keep going with only a few weeks until race day. What's harder, is keeping the momentum going in the middle of the cycle. This is what makes the marathon so appealing to me. Just getting to the start line of 42.2 is a victory in itself.

This week will be a bit of a rest week. I have 69 kilometres planned, mostly at easy effort. This week will also be a busy one for work and life. The trick is balance. While I don't love doing my runs in the evening, I know that a couple late nights will leave me needing to readjust the timing of my runs.

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