Getting closer

I'll admit, things are very eat-sleep-run-repeat up in here. We are five weeks out from Ottawa Race Weekend, which means we are in peak of marathon training. I've had a number of good runs lately, including last week's 30k. I managed to keep the pace around 5:35, with a negative split. Really trying to practice those negative splits!! I'm consistently hovering around 90km for the past 7 days, and will be hitting 100 by the weekend. Overall, my legs are feeling good and I can tell they are getting stronger. I do a lot of rolling out, especially on nights after a hard workout, and have been good about taking epsom salt baths post-long run. Running most of my runs at EASY pace has also been key.


My goals for the race will be to PR. I'm training for a 3:45, but I'm not obsessed with that time. In 2013, when I last ran the Ottawa Marathon, I was really hung up on a time goal. I finished in 4:02 (a fantastic time!) and let that upset me. I look back on it now and see how silly that was. Any marathon I can run, and finish with a smile, is a blessing. I will use this race as a marker in the sand, a launching point for summer training (rest assured, I will be taking a bit of time OFF post-race).

We are heading to Toronto this weekend, which means a very early start for Saturday's long run. One of my friends, Ashley, has agreed to run with me (and even did the route planning!!). I'm telling you, runners are the best kind of friends.


In other news, I started training with the Ottawa Athletics Club Racing Team. My first workout with the team was on Tuesday night. I'm so excited to be running with a fast group of girls. As someone who runs 95 percent of my runs alone, I really wanted to find a team to run with. These girls work hard and see results. With the progress I've made in my running, thanks to Out for a Run training, I'm ready for this next step in my running journey. Looking forward to setting some new goals, following the Ottawa Marathon, of course ;)


Congratulations to everyone who ran Boston on Monday!!!! 

Do you ever run with a group? 

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