Update & My top five podcasts

Hi friends! With 30 days out from the Ottawa Marathon, I'm definitely starting to feel excited. I've been training since January. I won't say that the time has flown by, because it hasn't, just like I can't say it's all been pretty! That's what makes the arrival to race day all the more sweeter. It really is about the journey. Training has been going well. I was looking over my mileage in the past four months and I was surprised to see I've run over 1,140 kilometres! In the past week my calves have started to ache a bit. I've been icing and rolling lots. I won't say it's injury territory, but definitely a "check yourself" moment for me. As a result, I've rearranged a couple runs (which I hate doing), and remind myself that staying strong and healthy is key.


I've been listening to a lot of podcasts these days. I wanted to share my five favourites with you! They are great to listen to on a run, while making dinner, or walking to work! I listen to podcasts just as much as music. So without further ado.

1) The Rich Roll Podcast

I've been listening to Rich Roll for a while. I was hooked ever since I read Roll's book, Finding Ultra, back in 2013. The show interviews one guest per show, covering a range of topics from triathletes and marathon runners, to business leaders, addiction recovery and health food nuts. Rich's own story is one of addiction, recovery and transformation.  His message is always uplifting.

2) Endurance Planet 

Tawnee Prazak hosts a weekly podcast showcasing a range of health, fitness and endurance sport topics, with many reoccurring guests (e.g., Ask The Coach "Lucho"). I started listening to Endurance Planet last year and have powered through at least 60 percent of the shows. I love her interviews with professional triathletes and ultra runners.

3) I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein Podcast 

I'm a big Lindsey Hein fan and this podcast just cements that. Lindsey hosts a weekly show covering primarily running related topics. She's had sub-3:00 marathoners, business & community leaders and olympic hopefuls on her show. I love the easy going feel to this podcasts, leaving listeners feeling like we're just hanging out.

4) The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey 

I've recently added Jamie's show to my "subscribed" podcast repertoire. Listening to her conversations with awe-inspiring women from all walks of life brightens my day. The struggles and triumphs shared through her show is incredible. Every week I find myself researching her guest to learn more. Seriously, check this one out.

5) Ben Greenfield Fitness: Diet, Fat Loss and Performance 

I was introduced to Ben's show via Endurance Planet, as he is frequently a guest on that show. I started listening to him more and more back in January when I was working on cleaning up my diet. I would listen to him on my treadmill runs, and just soak up the information he shares each week. Some of my favourite topics include high fat low carb diets, and ways to maximize your diet & supplements to enhance performance & recovery.

Other podcasts that I listen to include: The Dave Ramsey Show, Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore, Running on Om, The Lively Show, and Serial.

What is your all time favourite podcast? Specific episode? 

How many podcasts do you subscribe to?

What genre of podcasts to you enjoy most?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or find me on TwitterInstagram and Strava. Check out my running story in Canadian Running Magazine.