Salty Running & Emilie's Run 5K Recap

Hi! I wanted to post a quick update before heading out on my long run through Montreal. It's going to be a hot one out there this morning! Salty Running

The first order of business is that I've joined the Salty Running team! Salty Running covers all things running and is focused on runners who have big dreams and want more than "just to finish". Our readers are people who are serious about their running and are tired of articles that focus on how you look and what you’re wearing. "How to loose those last 10 pounds" is not why Salty Runners run. If this sounds like you, I know you'll love what we're doing over at Salty Running.

Salty Running

As you'll see, all the contributors have spice or flavour names that speak a bit to who we are. Naturally, I will be known as Maple. As the first Canadian writer, I'm looking forward to sharing information on the Canadian running scene, Canadian elites, marathon training, and what goes into becoming a faster runner. You can see my introduction here. For my first article, I decided it was timely to cover the Lanni Marchant situation. For the love of all things female distance running, if Lanni doesn't compete in both races this August in Rio, I, like many of you, will be extremely disappointed.

I will also be posting my weekly training logs there. I will update this blog with more substantial reflections on training, but you can see my weekly workouts and so forth over on Salty Running. Check out last week's log here. You can always find me on Strava.


Emilie's Run Second order of business, you guys, I ran 5K PR at Emilie's Run last week! I finished in 21:40 and had such a terrific racing experience. After our team did a simulation workout on the Tuesday ahead of the race, I felt comfortable with the course, but admittedly wasn't sure what to expect. Being my second 5K race (ever), I knew that I could definitely PR, but I wasn't sure by how much. This is also not a long distance race, where you have more time to course correct if things derail in the beginning. No, this is a FAST 5K. You've got to give'er the entire time.

5K @ 4:22/km (4:12, 4:18, 4:21, 4:24, 4:18)

I really had no expectations for this race, other than to push myself and see what I could do. I felt good throughout the race, and kept my head in the game the entire time. I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish! My only other 5K was in January 2016, that I ran in 23:10 on a snowy trail. 1.5 minute PR in the 5K? I’ll take that any day.



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