An update from restville

IMG_5706 As I mentioned, I started experiencing some tenderness in my left achilles last week and have been laying off running for the past few days. In fact, this is the least I've run since zero week post-Ottawa Marathon. I've been OK with this rest for most of the week, however, last night I tried to run 5K and when things weren't the 100% I had hoped they be, I kind of freaked out. OK, I a lot freaked out.

Let me pause and say, I know that this injury is manageable. I've nipped it at the point where I know I can successfully manage the issue back to strength. I had days this week where I barely felt the tenderness I was feeling last week. That said, I now have spidey-sense to the issue and I'm finding myself acutely aware when things flare up.

Back to last night (Thursday). I went for 5K easy along the river. I was hopeful my achilles had improved after nearly a pain-free run on Wednesday and some more Graston application in the morning. The run started OK, with a bit of tenderness that I chalked up to stiffness and the after-effect of the Graston work. Kilometres 2-4 were pain-free-ish. However, I could feel a niggle in the final kilometre. While I've definitely made improvements since last Thursday, I was still a little frustrated.

For this weekend, I've decided to take a few more days off of running. I will stick to the stationary bike and have signed up for my first yoga class in years. I am focusing on the positives of this break. I will have more time to study for my exam on Sunday (!!!) and work on an article I'm writing for Salty Running. In the long run, two weeks off running will not hinder my fall race plans (in fact, it may even make me stronger).

Side note: I'm loving the Olympics coverage!! Tune-in today at 10:10am for the women's 10,000m!! GO NATASHA AND LANNI!

Have you had achilles issues? How long did you take off?

Do you practice yoga? What kind? 

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