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IMG_1638Thursday marked exactly two weeks since I had to sit out a workout. These past two weeks have been focused on rest and recovery. I knew that in order to continue training for PRs in the fall, I could not afford to let my achilles get worse. With the help of my chiropractor, physiotherapist, yoga and a stationary bike, I am happy to be easing my way back into training. With eleven weeks to go until he Hamilton Marathon, I'm focused on getting to race day strong and ready. To do this, I will continue practicing yoga, doing strength exercises prescribed by my physiotherapist, and listening to my body. The two weeks off reminded me how much running is a part of my life. In order to avoid a future injury, I will have to pay better attention.

In other news, I am loving every minute of the Olympic coverage. From the marathon to the 800m, it is so inspiring to watch the athletes compete and fulfill their dreams. Last night was the final for the 800m. Melissa Bishop ran such a brave race! It was tough to see her finish 4th, but it was a Canadian record nonetheless.

I wanted to provide you with an update on my North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals (NAASFP) Marathon Coach certification. I completed the first phase, a 100 question multiple choice exam, last Sunday. It was tougher than I expected, but I am very pleased to say I passed! Candidates require 80% or better to pass, so I'm very pleased with the result. The next step are my Case Study and my First Aid and CPR certification.

STEP TWO: Case Study  The Case Study provides the candidate with an opportunity to demonstrate an ability to apply the knowledge necessary to successfully coach prior to working with a live client.  The candidate is given some basic necessary information on the prospective client including goals.  Based on this information the candidate will design a training program to help the client to achieve his or her goal.  A score of 80% or better is required for a pass.

STEP THREE: First Aid and CPR Certification  Maintaining First Aid and CPR certification is a requirement of certification with NAASFP and critical for working safely with clients.  In order to proceed with the Practical component the candidate must have completed this step and submitted a copy of the certificate to NAASFP.

The final and fourth step is working with a NAASFP master trainer to develop a plan for a volunteer athlete for a marathon. Ideally, I will have steps two and three done by January in order to train my athlete for a spring marathon. Onwards!


What has been your favourite Olympic moment? 

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